Mar 19,2024

AMA with Sasha 15/3/24

Another week, another AMA session with the Waves’ founder Sasha Ivanov. This week, Sasha has prepared some updates on the ecosystem progress, answered lots of questions and had a live dialogue with the community members. This is a short recap, the full recording of the weekly AMA from 15/3/24 can be found here.

//Recap Start//

Key Points:

  • The miners in our ecosystem have finally completed voting for the activation of Waves 1.5, an interim update before the launch of the first L2 blockchain Units Network. Despite the fact that we encountered a few issues during the initial launch, this update will be activated as early as next week.
  • The Units Network marketing campaign continues and is gaining momentum. The TestNet Units Network will be launched next week and the marketing campaign will intensify.
  • You may have already had a chance to use WX.Network's Synthetic Asset Market. I remind you that this is the first step towards derivatives and leverage trading, which should attract new users to the platform and increase trading fees.
  • I should also mention the upcoming collaboration with Lumia! The ambassador of this project, Stefan, will be joining us soon, and I'm sure he will be happy to explain all the details of this collaboration. Let's invite him.

Chat with Stefan from Lumia:

Sasha: Hi Stefan, I think it's worth asking what exactly is your project? And maybe you can share with us a roadmap of your future plans?

Stefan: Of course! I think it's first worth explaining where exactly our project came from. Specifically from OrionTerminal, the first DEX that gave users the ability to provide CEX liquidity to other platforms in a decentralized manner.

However, after realizing that we have enough capacity to support a much larger number of DApps, we decided to split the brand into two projects:

  • Orion, a collection of user-friendly products that allow you to get better liquidity (pricing) from a range of CEXs to users; 


  • Lumia, which is a protocol similar in structure, a Decentralized Liquidity Network created through Liquidity Nodes. This allows Lumia to provide liquidity to CEXs, networks, or individual projects, which can be quite a challenge for many DeFi protocols.

Sasha: So you've already created a B2C product, and now you're creating a Lumia ecosystem with B2B functionality, which will include Orion?

Stefan: Yes, exactly! You could say that Orion is the first project built on Lumia, but for the last year we have been actively working on Lumia integration with some of the best DApps.

And these projects are interested in Lumia integration, because instead of driving inflation with LP rewards, they can simply access large sources of liquidity directly. And I think that both WX.Network and Units Network will benefit from this.

Sasha: Orion is deeply rooted in our ecosystem and I think we have a lot of $ORN token holders. Could you explain to them the process of swapping into the Lumia token and how exactly it will go?

Stefan: It should be taken into account that due to the nature of the project, we need sufficient decentralized capacity to support the new liquidity network. Onboarding nodes for this purpose is one of the most important tasks at the moment. I strongly advise you to read the relevant documentation on the Orion website.

And to fulfill these tasks, it was decided to swap $ORN tokens. For users, everything will be quite simple, as we are already negotiating and finalizing the terms with CEX, where users will be free to swap their $ORN tokens for Lumia tokens.

And for the sake of ecosystem development, as well as further bootstrapping of nodes, the team has decided to distribute Lumia tokens for 20 years.

Sasha: Sounds great! I think it will help the Units Network launch considerably.

Stefan: Exactly, but not only that, I think that Lumia will also help with attracting liquidity on WX.Network, as you can integrate the order book with your L1 DEX.

Although you can hardly do without Asset Bridging here, it is possible to implement it in L1 Waves ecosystems as well.

Sasha: Thank you Stefan! We were happy to have you at our AMA and thanks for such a detailed description of your project.

Stefan: It's been a pleasure, thanks for listening!

Q & A

Q: Will Lumia list the WAVES token on Orion?

Sasha: I think yes, that would be reasonable.

Q: What about Waves Ducks? Their $EGG token looks interesting.

Sasha: Yes, this project of our ecosystem is doing very well, its token is now being actively bought out by the Waves DAO treasury, and its main developer Bram is actively working. I advise you to contact him, I'm sure he will be happy to share the news.

Q: When will the WX.Network Futures Market launch?

Sasha: I don't think it'll be more than a month.

Q: Any news on the Numeris launch?

Sasha: There should be news after the Units Network launch.

Q: When is the Waves Domains refund?

Sasha: As far as I understand, now we are talking about continuing the development of the project. Recently its main developer posted a roadmap in which he described the future plan of action.

Q: How is the Neutrino Index doing?

Sasha: There should be new information regarding its launch as early as next week.

Q: What about inviting ecosystem developers to the AMA? Like Vladimir from Puzzle Network, or Bram from Waves Ducks? 

Sasha: Sounds great! I think it could be organized.

Q: Invite Emma to the next AMA!

Sasha: You think she's a girl? I'm not so sure.

Q: Is there any marketing activity planned for Power DAO?

Sasha: There was a fairly massive campaign planned for the Mother DAO, but at the moment there is an active Units Network marketing campaign underway and there simply aren't enough resources for Power DAO.

But during the Units Network Campaign, there are also plans to actively recruit in Ambassador DAO, which should help Power DAO in the near future, considering that the ability to buy PWR tokens directly from the site was recently added.


I think that in the near future there will also be a possibility to use bank cards.

Q: What do you think of the FUDT token and its project?

Sasha: By the way, I almost forgot about it. This is a very interesting Telegram bot project that can be used in any chat to execute a variety of commands. However, at the moment, FUDT holders can try to mute users in chats with this bot, and thus moderate it. I think that the project is definitely interesting and worth checking out, so I advise everyone to support it.

//Recap End//


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