Dec 26,2023

AMA with Sasha 22/12/23

Another week, another AMA session with the Waves’ founder Sasha Ivanov. This week, Sasha has prepared some updates on the ecosystem progress, answered lots of questions and had a live dialogue with the community members. This is a short recap, the full recording of the weekly AMA from 22/12/23 can be found here.

//Recap Start//

Key Points:

  • Waves 1.5 has been successfully launched on TestNet, and no significant bugs have been noticed. So, we can expect the activation of this update right after the New Year, and right after that Waves 2.0 will be released. Let me remind you that the Waves 2.0 update will bring with it the L2 Blockchain Ecosystem - Units!
  • Also I already promised to launch the L2MP Airdrop, however we have contacted a number of marketing agencies and are preparing a massive marketing campaign! So I think we should prepare a bit and implement it wisely.
    The second KPI period of Ambassador DAO has already started, so I advise all active members of our community to pay attention to the income that this DAO can bring you for performing simple tasks.
  • Also, an update was released this week that allowed BTC-WXG and ETH-WXG token holders to convert to XTN vesting. Just a reminder that the current vesting terms and conditions are subject to change in the future.
  • Some fun before the holidays! GamGam.Space has launched a new project. You can win prizes for opening Christmas gifts with NFT toys that you can place on the Christmas tree. Also while opening gifts, you can stumble upon easter eggs with your prizes. Please share a screenshot of them with the community if you come across them. You can even propose your own NFT token to the developers.   


Q & A

Q: Where can we see the NFTs obtained from this game?

Sasha: You will be able to interact with them through Keeper Wallet.

Q: So, these NFTs have no application outside of this game?

Sasha: Yes, for now they are just collectibles, however maybe we will add something.

Q: When will the ability to swap SURF into L2MP finally launch?

Sasha: As you already know, we want to exchange SURF for L2MP, but at the moment the price of the latter is not so high that it would be profitable with the token exchange rate already set. So I think we should launch this feature a few days before the Units Network launch.

Q: What is the SURF to L2MP exchange rate set by the team?

Sasha: The rate at which SURF will be exchanged is set as 1:10. That is, for 10 SURF tokens you will get 1 L2MP.

Q: What if this rate doesn't work for me?

Sasha: While this rate hasn't been announced yet, I think we should discuss it. If you are ready to propose another idea, I will be glad to consider it.

Q: I assume that with this exchange rate the expected price of UNIT0 should be about 1 USD?
Sasha: Yes, approximately that price is the predicted one.

Q: Is there any news on the Neutrino treasury?
Sasha: There is! Even before the New Year, the Neutrino team is planning to release an update and after the New Year they will release a report on its effectiveness!

Q: I noticed that WX.Network has posted WXP-10. Will a separate proposal be required in the WX DAO for assuming the authority of the governance system?

Sasha: No need for that.

Q: Do you plan to interact with Russia-based businesses inside or outside the country?

Sasha: Yes, we have a number of such projects, but as for cooperation with Russian companies, it is hardly possible in the current situation.

Q: Where do you see XTN and NSBT going next year? Will NSBT have new functionality?

Sasha: Yes, we recently launched Neutrino DAO. The functionality of NSBT itself will remain the same, but token holders will be able to receive income from the treasury. The team is also actively working on Neutrino Index, which will initially launch on the Ethereum network pretty soon.

Q: How expensive do you think transactions should be in L2 blockchains?

Sasha: I think they should not be very cheap, but with Ethereum now we see that 10 USD per transaction is too expensive, and these kill blockchain activity. I think they should be mild, definitely not expensive but not super cheap either.

Q: What about the derivatives marketplace and synthetic tokens?

Sasha: Yes, the WX.Network team is planning to launch them in January. At least on TestNet.   

Q: Regarding futures trading, will a "vault" mechanic be implemented where investors can place their assets and act as counterparty traders?

Sasha: Yes, there is such an idea, in a similar way it is realized at Tsunami.Exchange. In fact, it is planned to implement a pool of investors, who will play against the market, but there are other models. 

Q: How do you plan to maintain the UNIT0 price after the start of mining?

Sasha: In addition to the marketing campaign, which is already being actively prepared, there will be other means through which it is planned to maintain positive pressure on the price. However, these measures will be announced a little later. There will be a governance system that will get 10% of the total UNIT0 supply.

Q: Several ecosystem projects (PepeTeam, Keeper Wallet, East) have not had any contact with the community for 7 days. Are they okay?

Sasha: Yes, as far as I know the main developer of Keeper Wallet is seriously ill at the moment but is working on the project. Pepe Team is actively working now, and even helping us with the L2MP airdrop, and they have an idea to launch their Bridges for Units. I will clarify why exactly they are not responding. East is also training one person from their team to work with the community, the rest of the team is actively working on something, but I can't share what it is yet.

Q: When is the Units marketing campaign scheduled to launch?

Sasha: I think we can expect its launch in early January! Next week we can already expect a plan release.

Q: If the price of UNIT0 goes up, will the price of WAVES also go up?

Sasha: There is no direct connection between them, but the miners of both tokens are the same. That is, for UNIT0 mining, the miner still needs WAVES tokens, in addition to L2MP.

//Recap End//


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