Jan 30,2024

AMA with Sasha 26/1/24

Another week, another AMA session with the Waves’ founder Sasha Ivanov. This week, Sasha has prepared some updates on the ecosystem progress, answered lots of questions and had a live dialogue with the community members. This is a short recap, the full recording of the weekly AMA from 26/1/24 can be found here.

//Recap Start//

Key Points:

  • Last week we launched Waves 1.5, however this week there were some problems with this update. At the moment, the miners have switched to the latest stable version of the nodes, and the full release of Waves 1.5 will happen a little later.
  • This will not affect the release of Units.Network in any way, moreover, we are now actively preparing for the launch of the Units.Network marketing campaign. We are working with a wide variety of marketing agencies and Influencers and I think that next week we will see the first results of this work.


Q & A

Q: What is the Neutrino team currently up to?

Sasha: They are getting ready to launch Neutrino Index on one of the EVM networks, which should happen very soon. 

Q: And this launch will come with its own marketing campaign?

Sasha: Yeah, and I think we're going to see it next week.

Q: Could you explain in more detail what went wrong with the launch of Waves 1.5?

Sasha: At the moment, it looks like there was some problem with the database, and it might have messed up the snapshot that was already produced. Therefore it was decided to redo the snapshot, which will be ready by Monday. After that we will have more details about this situation.

Q: What about the launch of Numeris?

Sasha: It looks like the launch of Numeris won't happen until Units.Network is launched after all.

Q: How do you think the XTN situation should be handled?

Sasha: I think that XTN itself should continue to be burned by different methods, through miner rewards, swaps to L2MP, etc., until all tokens are burned.

Q: And what about re-collateralization through other tokens in the ecosystem?

Sasha: I think we should launch a separate index token, and for it, integrate collateralization with different ecosystem tokens.

Q: Is there something new in store for us at Power DAO?

Sasha: It won't happen this week, but as a teaser, I can tell you that the Units.Network governance will be tied to the Power DAO, PWR tokens and of course the UNIT0 token. And all L2 blockchain startups and projects on them will use this governance.

Q: Waves Domains still haven't done anything to do refunds.

Sasha: Yes, I'm aware of the situation, and I think it's high time to do something about it. If the Waves Domains team doesn't contact me by the end of this week, I will do something about the refunds myself.

Q: And how will users withdraw UNIT0 tokens to the L1 blockchain?

Sasha: Simple! It is important to note that technically, there may not be any external gateways. Gateways will be part of the Units.Network and will operate at the consensus level. For example, gateways from the PEPE team can operate from the L2 blockchain and send funds to blockchains outside of the Waves ecosystem.

Q: What do you think of WX DAO and WX.Network in general?

Sasha: I think things are not going well right now and there is an urgent need to increase trading volume on their platform. Derivatives and synthetic tokens should help with this, but I'm looking for other ways to attract liquidity.

Q: When can we expect the release of synthetic tokens?

Sasha: Already next week they should appear on TestNet and you will have a chance to try them out.

//Recap End//


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