May 1,2024

AMA with Sasha 26/4/24

Another week, another AMA session with the Waves’ founder Sasha Ivanov. This week, Sasha has prepared some updates on the ecosystem progress, answered lots of questions and had a live dialogue with the community members. This is a short recap, the full recording of the weekly AMA from 26/4/24 can be found here.

//Recap Start//

Key Points:

  • As you already know we have launched the Units Network marketing campaign, and we now have another ongoing campaign for the Units Network testNet.
  • I think that next week it will be possible to launch custom nodes on the TestNet. After that there will be a lot of marketing and development, including bridges for Units Network and the DAO to launch new sidechains.
  • We are actively recruiting for the team, as we need a lot of people with experience in business development. 
  • We are also in talks with VC representatives and as soon as all the necessary funds are collected, we will make a separate announcement.
    After that the Questing platform will be launched with the subsequent launch of the TVL retrodorp campaign. You will be able to get rewards for providing liquidity in it.
  • After all of this, don't be surprised by high-profile UNIT0 listings on a wide variety of platforms.


Q & A

Q: When can we expect the launch of the UNIT0 token?

Sasha: As early as this summer, June at the earliest. However, depending on market factors, it may be shifted a bit. The development will definitely be completed in June.

Q: Why are the releases moving so much in terms of dates? Development on many projects is being completed much earlier than many releases lately.

Sasha: These are marketing needs. Many releases are timed for appropriate moments, so development is sometimes completed way before releases.

Q: When will the Units Network campaign on Zealy start?

Sasha: I think it will start when the Questing platform launches. Speaking of which, Zealy campaign is also planned to be launched for Power DAO, which will help Ambassador DAO a lot! I think it will be launched next week.

Q: So the campaign for Mother DAO is about to start soon?

Sasha: That's right! At this point, the massive onboarding in Mother DAO will begin.

Q: What kind of interactions have been implemented on the Units Network TetNet so far?

Sasha: For now you can use MetaMask to work with the network, interact with the UNIT0 faucet and make internal transactions, as well as create your own tokens. Also, the DEX for TestNet is ready and will be announced soon.

Q: Could you clarify how WIND helps gNSBT holders?

Sasha: It's simple! gNSBT hosts will receive income from fees that are charged on swaps within the WIND pool. So it's obvious. Also, gNSBT holders should get a bonus from the launch of Neutrino Index on the ETH blockchain, it is possible that they will just get part of the income as drops, but this is not finalized yet.

Q: But Neutrino DAO receives these commissions, not the gNSBT holders.

Sasha: Not exactly. Neutrino DAO gets those fees, but all the income is distributed to the DAO participants, which just happens to include only gNSBT holders.

Q: Will there be any drops for L2MP holders that have been locked in staking for a long time?

Sasha: Of course, I think that's to be expected.

Q: What about XBTC?

Sasha: The WX.Network team is now actively working on the leverage platform, it is already being finalized.

Q: When will it be possible to swap SURF to XTN?

Sasha: The conditions of this conversion are unchanged. That is, you will be able to swap when XTN reaches a certain price on the market. 

Q: How will the remaining 573 million L2MP tokens be used?

Sasha: It depends heavily on how successful our interaction with VCs is.

Q: What about the tokens already implemented on the Waves platform? Is there any utility waiting for them within the Units Network?

Sasha: Yes, of course! I'm sure each of the projects will try to implement an application for their token within Units.

Q: In your opinion, what is the best and fastest way to raise the price of XTN?

Sasha: I think that in order to raise the price of XTN it is better to try to raise the price of WAVES, and the launch of Units Network will help with that.

Q: What about the projects that will be launched on Units Network?

Sasha: The point here is the diversity of projects, and we intend to launch a lot of different Units sidechains. For example, we would like to see an AI sidechain, RWA sidechain, DeFi sidechain and so on. And we are working closely with teams interested in these kinds of products.

Q: How do you see the future of Vires.Finance?

Sasha: For Vires the plan remains the same. Currently there is vesting through which the platform depositors can exchange their deposits for a collateral. Also, if we can get another source of liquidity, it will be used to resolve the situation.

Q: Waves Ducks recently had the Farming 2.0 update released! What do you think of it?

Sasha: I think Bram, the current lead developer of the Waves Ducks, has transformed the game in many ways and continues to move in a very promising direction.

Q: What will it take to run my node on Units Network?

Sasha: It is very important to understand that validators for Waves and Units Network are the same nodes. That is, to participate in the validation process both on TestNet and MainNet you need your own Waves node suitable for validation. Let me remind you that to participate in the validation of blocks you need to have at least 1000 WAVES tokens.

//Recap End//


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