Jan 2,2024

New Year AMA with Sasha 28/12/23

Another week, another AMA session with the Waves’ founder Sasha Ivanov. At the last AMA this year, Sasha prepared some updates on the ecosystem progress, answered lots of questions and gave a sneak peek at what’s coming in the year of 2024. This is a short recap, the full recording of the weekly AMA from 28/12/23 can be found here.

//Recap Start//

Key Points:

  • Next year will be a major step forward for the entire Waves ecosystem. We're currently busy launching Units’ L2 blockchains, which will become their own ecosystem with EVM integration, their website was just updated today.
  • The L2MP token itself is still awaiting a major airdrop both inside and outside the Waves community.
  • First, however, we're expecting the Waves 1.5 update, and after that, the launch of Units!
  • After that we plan to launch a massive Power DAO marketing campaign.   


Q & A

Q: Do you have an Ambassador system?

Sasha: Great question! This is the second month we have had Ambassador DAO running. You can commit PWR tokens there to receive 10% income every month, provided you complete all the requested tasks. These tasks are pretty simple, such as reposting or commenting on our main channels.

Q: How's Waves Ducks doing?

Sasha: I think they are steadily gaining traction again! Bram Black Turtle has helped the game a lot to develop and regain its former popularity. EGG buybacks are particularly surprising. Their volumes have increased significantly and even recently amounted to about 20K WAVES. 

Q: About UNIT0, what will be the max supply, and how long will L2MP holders be mining it?

Sasha: At the moment, the plan is to mine the entire supply of UNIT0 in 2 years. This will allow L2MP Holders who received their tokens by swapping funds from Vires.Finance and XTN tokens to get their funds back. After that, WAVES holders will be able to mine the tokens of the L2 blockchains launched in the meantime, that's the plan for now.

Q: What about SURF? When will there be an opportunity to swap it for L2MP?

Sasha: The swap is in the plans, but we have not decided on the rate yet. That will have to wait for a while. 

Q: I have a deposit on Vires, but the terms of its vesting in XTN tokens are too unfavorable. When will this change?

Sasha: True, many tokens such as BTC-WXG or ETH-WXG can be converted to vesting at the market rate of those assets, but a number of stablecoins convert at a 1:1 rate to XTN. However, I think that once UNIT0 launches, this will affect the demand for XTN tokens as well. XTN can always be exchanged for L2MP at a 1:1 rate, so if L2MP becomes more expensive than XTN, you will have an arbitrage opportunity. And the increased price of XTN, in turn, will give more comfortable vesting terms.

Q: Is there any new solution for the deprecated Vires.Finance markets?

Sasha: Not yet, I think the situation with them will also start to resolve after the launch of Units.

Q: And when is that going to happen?

Sasha: Around February/March next year. At the beginning of the year new WX products will be launched, which should increase the activity of trading, and thus the activity of WXG token buybacks.

Q: What is PETE? 

Sasha: PETE is a memecoin of our ecosystem. It is a trading game, with very interesting tokenomics, such as asymmetric fee pools. I think it has potential for growth, but I advise you to think of it as a trading game and not a financial product.

Q: Why is the LTC-WXG audit still not completed?

Sasha: Actually, the volume of this particular token in the network is minimal, and the buyback of -WXG tokens is enough to close the discrepancy on the gateways. So I think that soon the situation will be resolved.

Q: How do you think you can regain trust in the Waves ecosystem?

Sasha: I don't think it should be regained, I think we should build an autonomous blockchain model that is trustless. An ecosystem where blockchain technology provides secure and transparent transactions. And if you still have doubts or don't understand how this system works, you shouldn't trust it!

Q: Any Waves collaborations planned for the Q1 of next year?

Sasha: There are many who want to run projects on the L2 blockchain, and many who intend to run their own blockchains. I would like to run a separate blockchain related to AI, such as a network of nodes centrally supporting large language models. It seems to me that many such projects are very centralized.

Q: What would be your wishes to the community in 2024?

Sasha: I wish the community to see the true goal we are heading towards.

//Recap End//


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