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Jun 3,2024

Discover Units.Network to Break Blockchain Barriers

In a world where blockchain reigns supreme, interoperability has long been the elusive holy grail. Enter Units.Network – a game-changer that's here to shake up the status quo and revolutionize how blockchains connect and collaborate.

Breaking Down Barriers 

Units.Network is the foundational platform of the blockchain ecosystem, seamlessly connecting disparate chains with full interoperability and trustlessness. It simplifies blockchain deployment, utilizing Waves' restaking for security and linking to external liquidity sources for enhanced economic incentives.

Supporting major blockchains like Ethereum, BSC, Solana, and more, Units.Network boasts a decentralized validator network for efficient cross-chain liquidity transfers. This ensures fluid asset movement and optimal DApp functionality across the blockchain landscape.

With cross-chain liquidity pools offering restaking APR for stablecoins and tokens, Units.Network becomes the go-to platform for blockchain innovation and operations, facilitating seamless omnichain interactions and maximizing liquidity utilization.

Waves serves as the engine behind Units.Network, leveraging its established position in the crypto space. Supported by major exchanges like Binance, Upbit, Kucoin, Bybit, Bithumb, and Kraken, Waves ensures wide accessibility and liquidity for its users. With impressive trading metrics, including a maximum volume of 4 billion USD, Waves demonstrates robustness and scalability. Handling over 147 million transactions and boasting 4.6 million active addresses, Waves provides a solid foundation for Units.Network's innovative blockchain solutions.

A Toolkit to Tackle Any Problem

Blockchain adoption and efficiency face several challenges, from poor communication between layers to centralization of solutions. Units.Network offers a transformative suite of tools to address these issues, fostering connectivity, scalability, and accessibility.

  1. Improving Layer Communication Units.Network uses a Layer-0 consensus mechanism for trustless interchain interoperability, enabling seamless data and value transfers.
  2. Decentralizing Solutions The Layer-0 consensus and chain-agnostic bridges decentralize control, preventing any single solution or bridge from gaining disproportionate power.
  3. Enhancing Interoperability Omnichain interoperability allows for trustless interactions between different blockchains, supported by chain-agnostic bridges that facilitate liquidity exchanges.
  4. Lowering Entry Barriers The extended consensus algorithm and Proof of Re-stake reduce the infrastructure needed to launch new blockchains, making it easier and more cost-effective.
  5. Connecting EVM and Non-EVM Chains Units.Network's modular design creates custom bridges between EVM and non-EVM chains, overcoming compatibility issues.

Testnet Takeoff: Strap In for the Ride of Your Life

With the testnet now live, users can immerse themselves in the platform's capabilities, heralding the imminent arrival of Units.Network in its full glory.

But the journey doesn't end with the testnet launch. In tandem with this milestone, Units.Network introduces an innovative feature: quests. These quests beckon users to embark on a voyage within their personal accounts on the Units.Network website. From testing specific functionalities to providing invaluable feedback on user experience, quests encompass a diverse array of activities aimed at enriching the platform's functionality and usability.

Initially, you can expect the following types of quests:

  • Connecting a wallet
  • Using the faucet
  • Using TestNet
  • Referral milestones
  • Personal transaction milestones
  • Referrals’ transaction milestones
  • Gaining levels
  • Adding the network to metamask in the explorer
  • Getting test tokens from the faucet

Users will also be getting rewards for the transaction count and their volume, spent Gas, tokens requested from the faucet, daily activity and other unique interactions within the network.

As users conquer quests and contribute to the platform's growth, they accrue Units Points (UP), the native utility token of Units.Network. With each completed quest, users ascend the ranks, enhancing their stature within the platform. This gamified approach serves as a catalyst for active engagement, incentivizing users to delve deeper into the intricacies of Units.Network.

Quests are an ever-evolving tapestry, continuously refreshed with new challenges. Whether you are a seasoned blockchain aficionado or a neophyte venturing into uncharted territory, there is a quest awaiting your participation on Units.Network.

Want to Be a Part of Revolution and Profit? Here's How

Starting your journey with Units.Network is simple. Visit Units.Network and connect your wallet. After logging in, head to the quests section to discover tasks and challenges. Each quest gives you the chance to earn UP and boost your status on the platform. 

By overcoming interoperability challenges and introducing innovative features, Units.Network marks a significant advancement in blockchain technology. It is set to foster a new era of connectivity and inclusivity in the blockchain ecosystem. Join us on this journey and navigate the future with Units.Network.