Power DAO
May 15,2024

Power Protocol: emPWRing decentralization

Power Protocol's mission is to enhance blockchain governance and explore its application in real-world scenarios. We're returning to the roots of blockchain, which are now somewhat forgotten — decentralization is meant not only to facilitate the creation of purely financial networks but also to change the way our society operates in general.

The idea behind Power Protocol is actually quite simple — voting in a DAO should have consequences for those who vote. If a DAO is unsuccessful, it should result in reduced voting power for its participants in future votes. Conversely, if a DAO is successful, the governance power of the voters should increase. This will allow us to select more effective decision-makers and filter out the less effective ones.

In this way, the governance power becomes detached from the details of a particular DAO; it becomes a universal decision-making power that can be used in many DAOs. It can be enhanced with proper tokenomics and tokenized into $PWR. The utility of $PWR is governance. It allows voting in various DAOs, including the main DAO of the protocol — Mother DAO. One of the goals of Mother DAO is to resolve governance deadlocks and prevent malpractice in the Child DAOs connected to it. Child DAO governance can always rely on the Mother DAO to resolve issues.

To properly serve as tokenized voting power, $PWR should be a scarce and valuable token; it should be highly valued by DAO members since they get more of it for making good decisions (conversely, it is taken from them and burned if they fail to meet the goals set for a specific DAO).

Thus, the price of $PWR becomes important for the success of the protocol. For example, the main protocol DAO (Mother DAO) works to increase the value of $PWR by increasing the Mother DAO's treasury and spending part of the treasury profits to buy $PWR back. The value of the treasury can be increased by selling $PWR tokens and performing treasury swaps with various Child DAOs — $PWR is issued for the Child DAO's governance and exchanged for Child DAO tokens.

This is not the only way to increase the value of $PWR. The decision-makers in Mother DAO can vote on different ways to increase its value. It could be marketing campaigns, listing on exchanges, etc. Mother DAO voters do everything to increase the value of $PWR. People who buy $PWR can participate in the governance and decide how to better increase its value.

$PWR becomes a unique token — its holders actively work on increasing its value. This represents active participation in token governance, as opposed to passive token ownership or even ownership of blue-chip companies, where only a select few holders typically have a say in the decision-making process.


Massive Mother DAO onboarding is starting, and we hope you will become a member! $PWR to the people!