Power DAO
Power DAO Team
Oct 4,2023

Exploring the World of Power DAO

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are revolutionizing the way people participate in governance and profit from it. In this article, you will dive into the exciting universe of Power DAO and discover what it can offer to you.

Mother DAO Governance

The Power Protocol stands as a robust instrument behind streamlined and decentralized governance for Waves-based projects. It ensures smooth governance procedures, combining vital voting mechanisms and a limited supply token model — all essential for effective decision-making. This innovative approach fosters decentralization in project development and enables their communities to propose and implement new features.

If you took part in our Retweet Airdrop, now you can find 0.01 $PWR in your Waves Wallet. These tokens have been locked for 2 weeks after claiming. Having your tokens staked, you automatically become a member of PowerDAO.

Those who haven't acquired $PWR tokens yet, please follow our guide to get started: https://blog.waves.tech/a-step-by-step-guide-to-becoming-a-power-dao-user 

How can you maximize utility of your tokens?

Community-Driven Governance: Earn with $PWR
So, you’ve got $PWR tokens. What’s your next strategic move? It’s time to unleash the full potential of your governance power by participating in MotherDAO’s votings. This way you can influence its pivotal decisions — the very important ones! The blockchain transparency ensures that your vote is secure, unchangeable, and tamper-proof.

This way you can align the actions of the DAO with your own interests and values, contributing to the community-driven ecosystem. Each important decision you make brings you to a nice share of the DAO’s treasury.

Just 0.01 $PWR is enough to start.To engage in MotherDAO’s voting and earn up to 60%, follow these simple steps:

Transforming the Global Landscape
With just 5 $PWR, you have the ability to establish your very own DAO. Detailed instructions can be found here: https://blog.waves.tech/how-to-start-a-dao-on-power-protocol

An example of a successful ChildDAO launch is WavesDAO. This DAO’s purpose is to generate income by funding the development of Waves blockchain-based projects and initiatives. The treasury collected 1.3 million dollars, which are allocated for the development of Waves ecosystem projects. In the six months of DAO’s existence, 46 proposals have been reviewed, with the majority receiving support.

Taking Your Involvement Further
If you have 1 $PWR tokens and want to dig deeper into the ecosystem, explore the Child DAOs in the Power DAO ecosystem. By staking your $PWR tokens in these, you can do more than earn $PWR — you can upgrade your role in governance.

Currently, you can to participate in two DAOs:

  • WavesDAO: WavesDAO plays a pivotal role in governance and decision-making within the Waves ecosystem. To become a member, please submit your proposal for ecosystem improvement here.
  • MarketingDAO: The main goal is to support the Waves ecosystem and contributing projects. This for-profit DAO rewards decision makers ($power stakers) with 20% of treasury growth, while the remaining 80% goes to treasury depositors. If you wish to contribute, please apply here.

Through active participation in the Mother DAO governance, you not only become a big man in the structure but also enjoy a consistent money flow just as your Universal Basic Income. Your involvement really matters, so a part of the total $PWR supply goes to you as a member of the Mother DAO.

Stay connected to discover the exciting new distributions waiting for you!