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Waves Labs
Mar 21,2023
6 minute read

Introducing TribeDAO

The next evolution of the Waves ambassador program

Launching the next phase of our Ambassador Program 🚀

Over the last 3 months the Waves Labs Ambassador Program has grown more than 300%. We know that we have a solid foundation with a strong community, full of talented creators thirsting for more action.

Our mission has always been to give communities access to consistent work from wherever they are, no matter their background. Today we are announcing the plan to further that mission for our community.

This evolution begins our transition to our community DAO, and includes an overhaul of the bounty system to make it easier and more impactful to work on projects. This is why we are extremely proud and excited to announce TRIBE, the decentralized community coordination network. 

What is TRIBE? 

TRIBE is a community marketplace for work. Projects can list their campaigns and work to attract Tribe Ambassadors to help support them. Ambassadors can search for campaigns and support projects they know and care about.

TRIBE will be so much more than its predecessor. Guided by the concept of bringing the gig economy to WEB3. TRIBE supercharges what the Waves Labs Ambassador Program achieved and launches it into the stratosphere.

Tribe is led by Jon Poole as Chief Community Officer, Jon is the driving force behind the community. Having spent almost 6 years building ambassador programs for multiple projects, he has seen the issues that plague both projects and ambassadors. This puts him and our team in the perfect position to create a DAO platform that can provide real utility to both sides of the market.

What makes TRIBE different?

Tribe is all about performance, the reason clients can offer rewards is because they receive value in return. The previous program structure meant results were unclear, performance hard to track and tasks were not linked to any larger goal or initiative. In order to continue attracting new programs, TRIBE ambassadors need to produce quality content under the set parameters that provides value to the clients. This is the number 1 goal for all ambassadors and will generate a virtuous cycle whereby more value inevitably leads to more and better rewards.

The architecture of the community also reinforces this virtuous cycle whereby any member is able to advance through the ranks to access the highest paying rewards. High quality content and active community engagement will be rewarded regardless of rank. The deployment of our community DAO and NFT program will further reinforce these values and make TRIBE a premium Web3 community.

Introducing Missions 

Missions are the lifeblood of TRIBE. These are the predetermined campaigns made up of the 3Bs:

  • Budgets - These will be updated as bounties are submitted. They are clearly defined and made up of 3 pots:
  1. Bounty Budget - Is paid first come first serve, to users who successfully complete the bounties outlined in the mission.
  2. Mission Bonuses - Clients may assign part of their budget for competitions e.g High quality, or highly engaged posts. 
  3. GWS Budget - Projects may allocate part of their budget directly to influencers of a particular rank.
  • Briefings - Each campaign will describe what the client is looking for as well as key talking points, information about the project, Rules (KPIs), Links, and creative assets ambassadors can access. Pay special attention to these.
  • Bounties - Will outline each bounty and which ranks have access to it.

Missions are structured to allow for a clear understanding of what projects are looking for. They will help drive high level content and inspire TRIBE Ambassadors to rise through the ranks.

Grow our TRIBE - Major growth initiatives coming soon

NFT collection

The genesis TRIBE NFT collection is coming! The collection will be launched in early May. Holding an NFT from it will come with a number of future benefits like access to high value bounties, and future NFT and Token airdrops. We see NFTs as a core piece of web3 community growth and will continue to add utility to these and more collections in the future. The best part? All active ambassadors will make it onto the whitelist to mint the collection! Keep an eye out for our NFT announcement coming soon with more details.

Referral Program 💰💰💰💰

Here it comes. A HUGE Referral Program to go along with the new TRIBE brand. Our Bounty program allows users to work as much as they want, where they want, and on their own timeline.

The referral program allows our members the ability to also earn passive income on the bounties that members they have referred to TRIBE earn. 5% of each bounty a referred member receives will be redirected to the member who referred them.


This is why we are here. TRIBE is unapologetically decentralized. TRIBE eliminates the third party intermediary of advertisers and passes marketing budgets directly to the valued members of the TRIBE community. Projects are able to directly advertise through your networks bringing real social proof and engagement. This saves the client money and allows creators to earn a larger share of the pie. It ultimately creates a more holistic creator economy and is the driving force behind our mission to spread Web3 adoption.

The TRIBE DAO is an extension of this mission. Once established the TRIBE DAO will allow our members to have more say in how TRIBE is governed. Members will be able to vote on which projects are accepted, stake their earnings for interest, enter into a bounty lottery, and much more.


March 2023: 

  • Today: Announcing Transition to TRIBE
  • 6am UTC 22nd March - Bounties for the old program are no longer in use
  • 22nd March - Ambassador Missions are launched

April - May 2023: Focus is on growing traction

  • Launch of Tribe Brand
  • Attract 5 Missions to the program
  • Launch Referral program
  • May 4th - NFT Collection Mint

June - August 2023: Focus is on product build

  • Goal: Launch the Dapp, Smart contract and Token
  • Goal: 40 Projects
  • Goal: 50 Missions
  • Goal: 5000 Ambassadors

August - October 2023: Focus is on scaling Client base

  • Goal: 80 Projects
  • Goal: 100 Campaigns
  • Goal: 10000 Ambassadors

Time to Unite the TRIBE 🚀

There is a lot to unpack here. We are sure that some of you reading this may be a little nervous. Change is hard, but change is good. Our team at TRIBE is excited to start this new journey with you. We believe that Web3 and creator culture are the perfect match.

We believe in empowering individuals to reclaim their financial independence. TRIBE will allow users the ability to work from anywhere in the world, on their own timeline, as much or as little as they want. We are creating a new generation of digital nomads through Web3 and the gig economy.

TRIBE will be the tether that connects our members to a wider network of community members. The TRIBE community will be much more than a simple marketplace for contractors to complete small tasks for rewards. We want the TRIBE community to flourish with ideas, concepts, inspiration for one and other. Our Chief of Community Jon Poole will be taking an active role to ensure the TRIBE community thrives in this nature. Don’t forget you can catch him during his open office hours every weekday.