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Jan 19,2023
4 minute read

Massive Discord Overhaul for Waves Ecosystem Communities

Decentralized communities make the Waves ecosystem come alive. Waves’ communities are developers troubleshooting code, validators securing the blockchain, investors diversifying their portfolios, and gamers looking to play and earn rewards.

Finding the right community feels like coming home – like having somewhere you can go to connect with others that share your interests and experiences, or just to have a laugh and hangout. Decentralized online communities like ours can also be incredibly useful places to learn, share knowledge, collaborate on projects and stay current with the latest news and happenings.

One of Waves ecosystem’s strengths since its inception over six years ago has been its large active and passionate communities of developers, validators, investors and gamers. However, with its continued growth, Waves communities have become scattered across dozens of platforms, channels and chat groups.

Things fall apart...

Fragmentation prevents each Waves community from knowing about and connecting with each other. It dilutes the high-quality signals put out by community

members in a vast sea of noise created by bots, bad actors, and interlopers. As a global decentralized community grows, this fragmentation also makes it difficult for emerging international communities to access the same real-time information as the English-speaking majority.

At the time of writing, Waves ecosystem communities span at least thirteen different platforms, with hundreds of separate accounts or channels for each individual ecosystem project or language.

Waves Ecosystem map.png

This is why we are excited to announce the re-launch of the Waves ecosystem Discord. This upgrade has been in the works for several months and is designed to improve user experience, provide more active user support, and provide a more easy-to-navigate customizable structure. 

The core team’s vision is for the newly resourced and upgraded Waves Tech Discord to become the primary multi-lingual hub for all Waves ecosystem projects and the developers, investors, validators, and gamers that use them.

The new Discord re-launch is bringing several new features and enhancements to help strengthen, protect, and expand Waves ecosystem communities well into the future. Let’s take a look at the biggest Discord upgrades now.

1. A Refined User Experience

One of the key features of the upgraded Discord is a reconfigured user interface. Community members can now customize what they see and what they don't with new opt-in roles. In addition, there’s a new designated space for price talk and added a gaming category with fun and free games for users.

Why it matters:

  • Channel and category customization options with new opt-in member roles
  • Dedicated space for price talk so that it doesn’t overwhelm other channels 
  • New gaming category with fun and free games

2. Active Support

With the help of full-time core team members comes the addition of an internal ticketing system to help validators or developers looking for answers to technical questions and for anyone else with questions about any Waves ecosystem projects.


Another important new support enhancement is the new automated opt-in rules and community moderated guidelines to ensure that Waves communities are protected from spam and scams.

Why it matters:

  • Internal ticketing system for timely answers to support questions
  • New rules and community guidelines for safety and security
  • Active community moderation for autonomous communities

3. Channel Overhaul 

Finally, we have also overhauled the channel structure. Categories and channels have been reorganized to make it easier for users to find and isolate their interests. 

The Waves Tech Discord is also now the single source for international communities to meet, self-organize, and grow in real-time with the English-speaking community. And a comprehensive authenticated and up-to-date ecosystem projects directory makes it easy to find the information you need.

Why it matters:

  • Re-organized categories and channels for easy navigation
  • Single source for international communities to connect and collaborate
  • Comprehensive authentic Waves ecosystem project directory

Who is… ‘we’ anyway?

Decentralized communities can be a nebulous and chaotic without clear guidelines defining who and what they are and how they want to conduct themselves. The Waves ecosystem has grown so fast over the past six years, that our communities have fragmented, and have not had a crisp, clear identity, until now. 

With the launch of the new Discord, comes a set of Community Guidelines to define – among other things – who is welcome to join, and who is not. The three pillars that underpin our vision for the Waves community are:

  • Professional: A warm, collaborative space beginners and specialists in the Waves community to learn, share, debate and discuss 
  • Welcoming: An inclusive and friendly place for communities and subcommunities to evolve, grow and and connect the value and utility
  • Meritocratic: A multicultural and multilingual coalition of global communities where all have the same access to rewards and insights

Check out the full version of the new Waves community guidelines and code of conduct here

A Discord for Waves to Call Home

We hope that the benefits of these many improvements will attract existing Waves community members to migrate to the new Discord and make it their new home. And of course, if you have any comments or suggestions, please raise them so we can continuously improve. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Join the upgraded Waves ecosystem community Discord now.

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