Power DAO
Nov 13,2023

Navigating the Waves Ambassador DAO

The Waves Ambassador DAO serves as the key platform designed to ensure clear communication and task transparency for Waves Ambassadors, while offering an enticing 10% monthly staking interest. In this guide, we will outline the essential steps and processes involved in becoming a part of this dynamic DAO community.

Follow these steps to take part in the DAO and become an Ambassador:

1. Fill the Submission form:

Complete the registration form and choose your role in the DAO. There are three main groups within our organization: 

  • Local managers: leading the existing regional community or creating new regional community 
  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs): building your own network of users who follow and participate in the Ambassador DAO
  • Waves army: completing assigned tasks to receive monthly rewards

You can find more details in Ambassador Dao Structure Document.

2. Join Telegram Group:

Join the Ambassador DAO telegram group to connect with fellow Ambassadors and stay posted on the latest updates.

3. Twitter Presence:

  • Add the Waves emoji 🌊 to your account name or bio and use these images as your Twitter header and avatar
  • Be aware that Twitter accounts created after June 2023 with no other posts and followers are not eligible to participate

4. Staking within the DAO: 

To become a member of the DAO in any of the three groups, individuals are required to stake at least 0.01 $PWR on the Ambassador DAO page. Staking is possible during the period between the rounds (approx. once a month). Once they become DAO members, they must fulfill the tasks assigned to them.

How DAO works:

1. Commitment: ambassadors have the opportunity to commit $PWR tokens once a month during the period between the rounds. This means they become a member of DAO for the next month.

2. Monthly tasks: ambassadors are required to complete specific tasks to qualify for the exclusive 10% monthly staking interest. The details of these tasks will be communicated regularly within the DAO to ensure that everyone is well-informed about the expectations. Important announcements and updates will be shared regularly within the group, so be sure to stay tuned for the latest information.

3. Payment system: if ambassadors complete the tasks from the group or from the Waves managers, then they receive 10% of their staked $PWR tokens at the end of the month. The more staked $PWR tokens they have, the more their total income will be.

4. Withdrawing: before the new round starts, ambassadors have the opportunity to withdraw or commit $PWR tokens. How to withdraw:

  • connect wallet on Ambassador DAO page: https://app.power.tech/dao/3P48jWGMbCS4NaLh9xJnEhaDYnFYpoAGhET
  • withdraw 10% of initial commitment (staking in DAO) during the period between rounds. There is usually a time for a commitment between the rounds of about ~3 days. During this period ambassadors can withdraw the 10% reward share (for example, 0.1 $PWR if they have 1 PWR token in commitment) or stake more $PWR tokens for future reward
  • trade $PWR tokens in pair with WAVES: https://wx.network/trading/spot/PWR_WAVES. WAVES is available on most popular exchanges.

5. New round with new tasks. Find all announcements about upcoming events in the Telegram group.