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Mar 3,2023
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Power DAO dApp Now Live: Join Today

Words have power. In the digital age, code is just machine-readable words. Power Protocol uses code to automate and redistribute voting power represented by $POWER tokens, to a decentralized system and returns governance power to communities. The mechanics of how Power Protocol blends on-chain mechanics with skin-in-the-game incentives and disincentives is what sets it apart from traditional simple token governance models.

With the launch of the Power DAO dApp, the Power Protocol is now live and any new or existing DAO community can propose and launch their own Special Purpose (Child) DAO and take advantage of its novel skin-in-the-game governance mechanics.

Power DAO (the ‘Mother DAO’) acts as a decentralized incubator, angel investor, and arbitration layer for all Special Purpose (Child) DAOs built on the Power Protocol. The architecture and specifications of any SP-DAO are proposed, designed and built by each sovereign community.

The Power Protocol lets $POWER token holders self-organize, propose and launch SP-DAOs for the projects they want to see succeed — or to migrate an existing DAOs over to benefit from its novel governance.

Why launch or migrate a DAO onto Power Protocol?

Power Protocol’s unique governance mechanics use smart contracts to preserve voter accountability and encourage elite contributor performance through its transparent action-result driven KPI system:

  1. Accountable: Any governance procedure may include traceable and transparent on-chain KPIs with success or failure determined by community votes
  2. Aligned: Every Special Purpose (Child) DAO establishes its mission and KPIs in the initial activation proposal to align the community on growth objectives and success criteria
  3. Active: All voters are rewarded for supporting decisions and actions that help, or penalized for those that hinder the DAO’s mission

Power DAO was designed to become a community of outstanding decision-makers who can achieve real-world goals in any type of governance organizations whether it's a financial, social, political, or labour organization.


4 Ways to Get Involved In Power Protocol

1. Become a Power DAO Stakeholder

In principle, Power Protocol is meant to be a maximally decentralized community for governance discussion, innovation and support. Anyone who holds $POWER tokens in their wallet becomes a Stakeholder. So holding $POWER gives you power as a stakeholder.

2. Campaign to receive a Community fAirdrop of $POWER

Maximum decentralization will take time, so $POWER token distribution is happening in a series of ‘fAirdrops’. If you are part of an existing DAO that struggles with the flaws of simple token governance, you 1) can create a proposal on Power DAO to campaign for a $POWER fAirdrop for your community, or 2) reach out directly to work with the core team.

3. Create a Special Purpose DAO

New projects looking for a meritocratic, transparent and effective governance system are welcomed to propose the launch of new DAOs on Power Protocol. As part of the launch proposal, new communities can request an allocation of $POWER from Power DAO community, or raise and fund with their own tokens.

4. Campaign to become a Power DAO Sentinel

One of Power Protocol’s unique features are the different roles users have in the system. One of the most important are Power DAO Sentinels. Sentinels take on the most responsibility and have the opportunity to earn the greatest rewards. Sentinels require a stake of at least 1,000 $POWER tokens in Power DAO and have permission to monitor KPI settlement transactions escalated by SPDAO Sentinels for arbitration and access or halt the Power DAO treasury.

Join Power DAO Today

Power Protocol’s mechanism design is rooted in a critical necessity for a unique governance model that takes advantage of blockchain technology’s technical innovation. Decentralized systems can provide new modes of governance that would otherwise be impossible, and this ultimately, is what Power Protocol aims to create.

Join Power DAO today and hold $POWER to become a stakeholder, campaign to become a Sentinel or for your community to receive a Community fAirdrop, or relaunch your DAO as an SP-DAO and take governance power back!

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