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Mar 19,2024

Updated Ambassador Program System

ATTENTION! The last section of this article (Information for Waves Army) has been altered after the initial posting. Please make sure that you read the updated info.

As we know, there are three main groups within our organization: 

  • Local managers: leading the existing regional community or creating new regional community 
  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs): building your own network of users who follow and participate in the Ambassador DAO
  • Waves army: completing assigned tasks to receive monthly rewards.At the launch, all three groups were informed that they need to complete all tasks they get: local managers and KOLs get tasks from the Waves team, while the Waves army get the tasks from the Ambassador DAO telegram group. Moreover, local managers and KOLs received from the Waves team an incentive in the amount of 1 $PWR token. 

Following this, all three groups of ambassadors are required to successfully fulfill their assigned tasks. Upon completion, they are eligible to promptly receive 10% of their staked $PWR tokens at the end of each round, which occurs on a monthly basis. 

The new reward system

$PWR tokens are treated differently depending on the way they are obtained:

  1. One $PWR sent to local managers and KOLs will be locked in the DAO from March 19th  for at least 6 months as an incentive for their future participation. 
  2. Ambassadors who lock their own $PWR tokens will be able to unlock these $PWR tokens during each settlement period, which occurs monthly.

Information for Local managers and KOLs

The new reward system affects local managers and KOLs:

  • Ambassadors of these 2 groups will be able to receive up to 35% from their staked $PWR tokens as a monthly reward for completing tasks (please clarify all conditions with your Waves manager)
PWR ambassador_new_1200.png


  • All rewards now will be sent directly to ambassadors’ Waves account on a monthly basis. If desired, ambassadors can lock their rewards in the DAO to increase future rewards.
  • Ambassadors also have an opportunity to lock their own $PWR tokens (5 $PWR tokens max) in the period between the rounds.
  • If the ambassador who received the $PWR token from Waves team does not complete the assigned tasks, they will not receive a monthly reward. Furthermore, their 1 $PWR token which was given as an incentive for the ambassador can be slashed and cannot be withdrawn at all. 

Information for Waves Army

The reward system for the Waves army ambassadors remains unchanged. They can lock their own $PWR tokens (5 $PWR tokens max) in the period between the rounds. If they complete all tasks from the Ambassador DAO telegram group, they will receive 10% of their staked $PWR tokens at the end of each round, once a month.