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Jun 7,2024

Waves Ambassadors Transition to Zealy: What You Need to Know

Hello, Waves Ambassadors!

It's been a whole month since we launched our project on the Zealy platform! We are thrilled with your engagement, you are true Waves blockchain fans! We appreciate your interest in the project and are excited to announce that Waves Ambassadors are moving to the Zealy platform! What does this mean?

Waves Army

Starting now, in order to earn rewards you need to complete quests from Sprints related to Rounds which last approximately 1 month. Every month we will create a new Sprint for a new round following the same timeline. In these Sprints we will still continue adding a variety of tasks aimed at revealing your creative individuality and demonstrating your knowledge about our project. 

In addition, we will feature tasks previously published in the Ambassador DAO group aimed at your activity with comments and retweets as well as other project-supporting activity. 

There will be 2 options to get rewards from us:

  1. Top 25 leaders from the Sprint's leaderboard (related to Rounds) will continue to get rewards every 2 weeks just like before. All you need to do is to be active and complete tasks successfully to earn XP points and be one of the top leaders. 
  2. To get extra rewards Waves army must meet two mandatory conditions: stake $PWR tokens and complete 75% of tasks from the Sprint’s Questboard. At the end of each Sprint (Round), every ambassador from the “Sprint’s leaderboard” will receive 10% from their staked $PWR tokens. 

We encourage you to join the latest sprint on Zealy. To get started, click here to access the newest set of tasks and begin earning rewards. Rewards will be distributed based on the sprint results, you can track the progress via the leaderboard.

KOLs and Local managers

Your work with us remains unchanged, however, you will now need to upload reports on completed tasks to the Zealy platform. We have created a special section where we will publish tasks specifically for you. Please navigate to the Zealy platform, find the appropriate section, and fill out the form. Once the information is verified, we will commence work. For additional information, be sure to reach out to your manager!

We are continuing to enhance our platform and we need your support. Keep being active, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in our dedicated chat

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay engaged and earn big!