Ecosystem Projects
Nov 17,2023

Waves Backed by Velo: Reimagining Cross-Border Payments Through Orbit's Cryptocurrency-to-fiat for Merchant Payment Solution

Waves and Velo have joined forces to revolutionize cross-border payments. The partnership will leverage the strengths of both organizations to deliver a groundbreaking cryptocurrency-to-fiat payment solution that seamlessly connects the East European region to Southeast Asia (SEAs) through Velo's innovative mobile payment solution, Orbit.

Orbit, a QR code-based payment system, strictly adheres to the SEAs' national standards while providing a user-friendly and universally accepted payment method. Its adherence to regional standards is complemented by innovative features, such as the ability to make payments using popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and USDT, which are instantly converted to fiat. This integration of on-demand cryptocurrency payments sets a new standard in the rapidly evolving financial landscape. 

The collaboration between Waves and Velo combines the secure and efficient blockchain technology of Waves with the capabilities of Velo's Orbit to create a borderless and seamless payment ecosystem. The alignment of the two platforms enhances the overall user experience and addresses the specific needs of the growing traveler community. This partnership amplifies the capabilities of both platforms, making it extremely beneficial to the users.

In order to revolutionize the world of payment technologies, Waves and Velo have embarked on a partnership that reflects their shared vision of innovation. This collaboration signifies a mutual pledge to construct a financial landscape that surpasses geographical limitations, promoting inclusivity and accessibility for users thousands of miles apart. As we embark on this journey, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of cross-border payments and contributing to the evolution of the Web3+ ecosystem.