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Waves Labs
Dec 1,2022
7 minute read

Waves Christmas Advent Calendar - 30 days of major updates, contests and giveaways

It’s Christmas time. And we thought the Waves community deserves something to sing and shout about. 

Introducing the Waves Christmas Advent Calendar.

For every day of December there will be a special treat to reveal. Here’s some of the treats you can start to get excited about:

  • PowerDAO Whitepaper Launch and $POWER token Airdrop
  • Neutrino Roadmap to become the people’s stablecoin
  • Updates to WX tokenomics and boosting
  • A Waves Ducks Fantasy Football league
  • Clef Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) on WX
  • WX and Tsunami trading contests
  • Decentralized bridges whitepaper
  • sWaves - the launch of liquid staking on Waves

All this, and a ton of mini bounties, competitions and giveaways from every project in the Waves ecosystem. On top of the major ecosystem launches there will also be a chance to win some ecosystem tokens. Each day there will be a task to complete and the best submissions will earn project tokens for participating. 


Want to know more about what projects are participating?

WX Network - 

The first DEX built on Waves and the largest by TVL. This Christmas, WX Network will be running community raffles for you to win, holding trading competitions with real prizes and updating their tokenomics.

Neutrino -

Neutrino, Waves resident stablecoin protocol is evolving. Major updates to governance, monetary policy, a new market making bot and treasury designed to redistribute profits back to stakeholders are all coming this Christmas.

PowerDAO - https://power… (coming soon)

PowerDAO, is a new protocol for governance and toolkit for DAOs to manage their communities towards achieving goals. It’s a groundbreaking innovation in governance that can reach far outside of the crypto space to improve governance systems everywhere. Its whitepaper is behind one of the advent calendar doors, as well as the details of its token airdrop! This airdrop is a never before seen method to total distribution to the community. The only goal - mass decentralization of $POWER. If you have WAVES tokens on exchanges, now is the time to bring them back to Waves…

Waves Ducks -

Waves Ducks has come a long way since starting, but it sure has got complicated. It’s time to simplify. Look out for a fun way to engage with the World Cup behind one of those doors, as well as a new 2023 Roadmap.

Pluto -

Waves based reserve currency Pluto, it’s bear market resistant. Built to provide great returns on yield bearing Waves assets. The team has lined up some fun competitions and prizes for community members this Christmas.

Keeper Wallet -

High-security wallet extension with swapping capabilities. Keeper Wallet is your entry point to the Waves blockchain and Waves-powered web services.

Waves Domains - 

Waves based name service provider, has started its auctions and with much more to come this Christmas. 

Clef - 

Clef, the newest addition to the ecosystem, will be launching its token this christmas on WX network. Community members will get priority access to the token launch as well as access to some prizes and giveaways.

Tsunami - 

Decentralized derivatives trading protocol Tsunami is already trading. A gamified derivatives market, based on virtual AMM, that allows trading any asset - Crypto, NFT’s, Commodities

Waves School -

Waves School is the first revolutionary and free learn to earn course, which will get you from NGMI to WAGMI. It is available in more than 25 languages, to invite more people into the space, helping the mass adoption movement and building the largest crypto community in the world. - is a service featuring functionality for instant exchange of cryptocurrencies and investing assets in order to receive passive income. The service is based on the Waves blockchain which provides high transaction speed and low network fees. 


PepeTeam recently started to collaborate with the Waves ecosystem. It is a highly qualified, anonymous and independent development team that creates the best DeFi products on the global market. We hope that together we will provide our users with the best decentralized solutions and investment opportunities.

Puzzle Network -

The first DeFi product launched in Oct 2021. You can swap, lend and trade on one place. 

Puzzle Swap - a next generation AMM exchange enabling mega pools & ultra-staking.

Puzzle Lend - the safest lending protocol built on the Waves Blockchain.

Puzzle Market - NFT Marketplace for all sorts of NFT use cases: Games, Art and even Music.

Waves Camp - 

Waves Camp will support and launch the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs looking to build cornerstone startups to meet the needs of its growing Waves ecosystem.

Waves Developer Portal - 

Waves Developer Portal is the place to learn everything about the infrastructure products in the Waves ecosystem and get all types of support for building projects on Waves. And with access to Waves Lessons, you will be able to dive into development quickly and easily.


It will all happen on WAVES. So bring your festive spirit and your WAVES tokens home to participate. This Christmas, if winning prizes and groundbreaking projects are your cup of tea - there is no other place to be apart from on Waves.