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Apr 14,2023
4 minute read

WavesDAO: Revolutionizing Community Investing. Invest Together, Invest Better!

The PowerDAO platform is set to launch its first for-profit decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called WavesDAO. The WavesDAO is designed to serve as an investment vehicle for the community and will be managed by a governing committee of $PWR stakers. All profits will be distributed back to investors and governors of the DAO.

This blog post will discuss WavesDAO, why it is important, what it will do for PowerDAO, and how you can get involved.

What is WavesDAO?

WavesDAO is the first DAO on the PowerDAO platform. It is an investment vehicle managed by $PWR stakers. The DAO will have limited managers who are known to the community. Governors will need to stake at least 10 PWR tokens to vote on the use of funds. WavesDAO will seek to raise an initial investment round of 100k WAVES from the community; this round will be open for around one month.

WavesDAO provides an opportunity for community members to propose projects for investment. The DAO treasury is managed by the governing committee (those with staked PWR), who will consider all investment proposals on whether or not they will achieve WavesDAO’s goal of 10% growth in the net asset value (NAV) of the treasury.

Governors who fail to deliver on WavesDAO's goals can have their PWR removed by community members by proposing a Slashing transaction. Conversely, those who achieve the goals can receive more PWR as a reward for contributing to the community's success.

Every three months, KPIs will be calculated, 20% of profits will be paid out to managers and 80% to investors.

Who’s WavesDAO for?

WavesDAO wants to attract professional investment managers with experience and a history of selecting great private investments. Credible professionals can help to improve trust and build confidence that WavesDAO is a good investment vehicle for community funds.

Anyone can be involved in investing in WavesDAO. However, a minimum number of 10 PWR tokens need to be staked to participate in governance. This ensures that only committed investors are involved in the decision-making process.

Why is this good for PowerDAO?

As the first investment DAO built on Power Protocol, WavesDAO will help to establish PowerDAO as a leading community in the DeFi space. With success, more investors will be interested in the platform, increasing the number of people wanting to participate in DAO governance.

WavesDAO will provide a platform for community members to invest in projects that align with their values. This will help to create a more engaged and committed community of investors.


  • Initiation phase: April - June 2023
    • Fundraising for the treasury
    • Goal = 100k WAVES tokens raised in treasury
  • Activation phase: July 2023
    • Deployment of the treasury by governors
    • Goal = 10% growth of NAV in first 3 months

WavesDAO is the first DAO on the Power Protocol platform and will be managed by $PWR stakers. It is a community-managed investment vehicle that seeks to raise an initial investment round of 100k WAVES. It will allow community members to invest in projects that align with their values. The DAO's treasury will be managed by a governing committee consisting of $PWR stakers, who will consider all investment proposals from the community. To participate in governance, a minimum of 10 PWR tokens must be staked. Success in achieving WavesDAO's goals can earn governors more PWR as a reward, while those who fail can have their PWR removed. KPIs will be recalculated every three months, and profits will be paid to governors and investors. WavesDAO is a groundbreaking application of on-chain governance, giving PowerDAO its first unique investment vehicle to help create an engaged and committed community of investors.

How to get involved?

  • GOVERN WAVESDAO: Participate in the governance of the WavesDAO Treasury by staking 10PWR tokens to the Initiation proposal
  • INVEST IN WAVESDAO: Contribute to the WavesDAO treasury by depositing via the PowerDAO app in the Initiation proposal
  • MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD: Get involved in the discussion about WavesDAO on the PowerDAO forum
  • GET UPDATES: Join the PowerDAO community on Telegram and Twitter for updates