Mar 15,2024

Waves Welcomes Lumia: A New Horizon in DeFi Liquidity

We at Waves are thrilled to announce our partnership with Lumia, a revolutionary move that promises to infuse the Waves ecosystem with unprecedented liquidity depth. This collaboration will empower our developers to harness the vast, real-time liquidity of centralized exchanges directly within our coming Layer 0 EVM chain and WX.Network. 

Lumia’s innovative approach means our community can now access the most competitive pricing and liquidity instantly, streamlining the DeFi application development process and setting a new industry benchmark.

The integration of Lumia's liquidity framework into our dApps significantly bolsters capital efficiency. This is achieved by directly incorporating CEX order books from leading exchanges such as Binance, OKX, and KuCoin into our decentralized ecosystem. 

Picture a world where developing DeFi projects on Waves is as simple as tapping into the deepest liquidity pools available, courtesy of Lumia. This is now a reality.

Consequently, users of our decentralized exchange can enjoy access to a broader spectrum of assets and more advantageous pricing than ever before. This leap forward eliminates the conventional constraints of DEX liquidity, offering a depth and velocity of market interaction that reimagines the DeFi user experience.

Our union with Lumia reflects a shared ambition to cultivate a seamlessly efficient and highly liquid DeFi landscape. It is also a significant benefit for $ORN holders, as increased transaction volume and fees will naturally follow the integration of Lumia’s liquidity solutions.

This partnership represents a significant step towards realizing Lumia's ambition to interconnect all blockchain networks, thereby revolutionizing the gateway to DeFi. As Waves joins forces with Lumia, we're not just bridging to better liquidity, we're redefining the possibilities of decentralized finance together.