Power DAO
May 17,2024

Join a New Zealy Sprint and Earn Big with $PWR

Welcome, Waves Army!

It's been 2 weeks since the launch of our project on the Zealy platform. During this time, you have shown fantastic progress! In just 2 weeks, over 900 participants have joined us, and the number of completed quests has exceeded 7,000. Wow, you are truly amazing!
We are excited to announce the start of a new Sprint “Show your POWER ”, scheduled to run from May 17th till June 4th. Just like before, tasks will be continuously added throughout this period. 

As you may know from our recent article, $PWR is a unique token designed to govern the Power Protocol. The Mother DAO is actively working to increase the value of $PWR by growing its treasury and allocating part of the profits to buy back $PWR tokens. Our mission is to expand the Mother DAO treasury, and we invite you to join us. So, we are launching a new competition!


The main task for the current Sprint is to buy $PWR tokens. The more tokens you buy, the more XP points you will receive:

  • 0.1 $PWR - 100 XP
  • 0.3 $PWR - 300 XP
  • 0.5 $PWR - 500 XP
  •  1 $PWR - 1000 XP

Where to buy $PWR tokens?

  1. On the main PWR DAO page


  1. On WX Network Trading page


Reward distribution

This time, rewards will be distributed based on the results of the current Sprint’s Leaderboard:

  • Among the top 25 leaders with the highest XP points, we will distribute 2 $PWR tokens.
  • Top 5 ambassadors from the current Sprint’s Leaderboard who buy the highest amount of $PWR tokens will receive 10% of their own purchase volume. The more $PWR you buy, the greater your cashback.

The acquired $PWR tokens cannot be sold until the results are announced.

Join us! You have the power to increase your POWER!