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Jan 26,2023
6 minute read

The Waves Ecosystem Community Guidelines

With the massive overhaul the Waves Ecosystem Discord, the team is happy to share the Waves Community Guidelines, a toolkit to help protect and grow Waves communities to one billion users. 

The growth and success of any Web 3 project relies on a vibrant, smart and engaged community. Without a strong community, at best, projects struggle to gain traction and achieve goals, and at worst risk being torn apart.

Guidelines help organize groups of individuals brought together by a shared goal, set of values or mission. They are meant to help people from different cultures, experiences, and regions work together. That's why it's crucial for any blockchain project to have a set of clearly documented rules and guidelines in place to create a safe and productive environment for community interaction.

This is especially true for the large, mature communities in the Waves ecosystem. Users need a place to convene, discuss and share knowledge, to stay up to date on features, developments, releases, and to laugh and have fun.

By establishing guidelines for respectful and professional conduct, the Waves ecosystem community can create a welcoming atmosphere for new users and encourage authentic conversation, collaboration, and learning.

This article presents the guidelines, their purpose, and the types of users who are – and are not welcome in the community. Because let's be honest, online anonymity comes with a loss of accountability for users that display destructive or toxic behavior. So it’s every community’s responsibility to protect itself from forces that would otherwise seek to harm it.

So what are the guidelines, who are they for, and what do they safeguard against? Let’s dive in.

Bad Actors: Tribal Trolls, Bitter Bagholders, and Scammers

Anonymity makes online civility difficult. As anyone who’s spent time in a Web 3 community will tell you, there are some familiar patterns of misbehavior from ‘bad actors’ that emerge as new communities grow and mature. The Waves ecosystem is one of the oldest in crypto, and has suffered acutely from the chaos and exploitation of bad actors. And that starts to end today.

The following archetypes are not enemies. They are examples of what going beyond the limits of what is acceptable for a welcoming, functioning community to thrive might look like:

Tribal Trolls

These users may be short sellers or may coordinate in private in order to attack or "brigade" a community for personal gain. These anons use tactics like spreading misinformation or engage in targeted public harassment. They may try to sow fear, uncertainty or doubt (FUD) in a community, to trigger buying or selling, in an attempt to manipulate crypto asset prices or otherwise exploit market dynamics for financial gain.

Bitter Bagholders

These users may have lost money or are afraid of a negative outcome impacting their investment, and be unwilling or unable to accept responsibility for their choices. Investing in crypto is a high-risk endeavor, there are no guaranteed outcomes. 

These anons may not have malicious intentions, but tend to be cynical, negative and repeatedly cast blame far and wide. They may become indignant, disruptive or antagonistic to other community members, and may lash out at other users, spreading negativity or FUD, or making baseless accusations. Ultimately, their goal is to have their pain seen, heard or acknowledged by others because they are unable to make peace with it themselves.

Scammers, Shillers, and Bots

These ‘users’ may be hired, or otherwise motivated to engage in fraudulent or deceptive practices, or may be automated accounts controlled by bad actors. They may try to steal money or personal information from other users, promote fake projects or schemes, or artificially inflate prices through manipulative tactics.

No community wants these types of bad actors to pollute their channels, and Waves Ecosystem is no exception. There is now a zero tolerance policy for these types of bad actors, and our teams of moderators, ambassadors and support agents will uphold and protect the community from their actions without explanation.

The goal of any community is to become a safe and welcoming space where productive and positive conversations can happen. This doesn't mean that everyone has to agree – quite the opposite. With an agreed upon set of guidelines, everyone will be free to respectfully disagree, argue and debate in public so that new, askew, or creative ideas and solutions can be discovered.

It's important for everyone to be aware of these types of users and to report any suspicious activity to the community moderators immediately.

Welcome Home: Building a Positive and Inclusive Community 

Waves ecosystem communities welcome any and all inquisitive, positive, engaged, curious, disagreeable, active, or passive OG, newbie and tourist alike. The definition of who is welcome is infinite really. It’s any good intentioned human being.

These users look like you and I. They ask questions, share knowledge, and contribute to the community in a respectful and professional manner. They don’t always agree, they are happy, sad, upset, afraid, serious, funny, quirky, rational, stubborn, and kind. Just like anyone really.

What Happens to Bad Actors?

It's important to note that failing to adhere to the Community Guidelines below, may result in a mute, kick or ban at the discretion of the moderation team.

Muted users will still be able to access community channels but unable to contribute for a period of time – or permanently.

Kicked users will be ejected from the community or channel they are disrupting for a period of time.

Banned users will be permanently prohibited from accessing community channels.

Any impersonations of team members or server bots will result in an INSTANT BAN. Moderators will hold the final say in any disputes or discrepancies.

The Waves Ecosystem Community Guidelines

The Waves community guidelines exist to create a safe and productive environment for all users. They help to separate and focus different discussion topics, prevent intimidation of new users, and encourage authentic conversation, collaboration, and learning. 

The community welcomes users who are inquisitive, positive, engaged, and respectful, but does not tolerate bad actors such as trolls, scammers, and shillers.

The following are the essential guidelines for the Waves ecosystem community:

  1. Treat each other with respect and dignity.
    • We do our best to make the Waves Community a safe and friendly environment and we expect you to do the same.
    • Please avoid discussing politics, religion and other sensitive topics that may lead to harmful situations. Be respectful of the topics and the people discussing them, even if you disagree with some of what is being said.
  2. No NSFW or unprofessional content/speech in our all ages community environments.
    • We’ve created an 18+ Category where you may express yourself in a more adult manner while maintaining respect and professionalism. See #opt-in-roles to gain access.
    • This includes swear words and fowl language at the discretion of the moderators.
  3. No Bullying or Harassment. Abuse of any type will not be tolerated.
    • Whether it’s to an Admin, a Core Team member or a fellow community member. Trolling, harassment, sexism, racism, hate speech, witch hunting, aggressiveness or threatening behavior will not be tolerated.
  4. No spam, shilling, or self-promotion.
    • Your nickname shouldn't include any 3rd party advertising, especially links.
  5. No Scamming, Misinformation or Spreading FUD.
    • We shouldn’t have to say this, but we will. Do not make any attempts to scam or mislead the community. Misinformation and spreading FUD will not be tolerated and you will be muted with a potential kick/ban at the teams discretion.

⚠️ BE(A)WARE ⚠️

The Waves team will never direct message (DM) you first and we will never ask you for funds, private keys, seed phrases, or passwords. Anyone claiming to be us is attempting to scam you!

  1. Report any and all suspicious activity immediately in #support by opening a ticket.
  2. Please keep your DM’s closed for safety reasons.
  3. Failing to adhere to these rules may result in mute/Kick/ban per discretion by the team. Any impersonations of team members or server bots will result in an INSTANT BAN.
    • Moderators will hold the final say in any disputes or discrepancies.

It's essential for all community members to adhere to these guidelines to ensure a safe, productive and inclusive environment for everyone.

Note: Moderators hold the final say in any disputes or discrepancies regarding these guidelines.