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Power DAO Team
Nov 13,2023

What Type of Ambassador Are You?

The exciting journey of becoming a Waves Ambassador involves navigating three distinct roles within our decentralized ecosystem: Managers, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and the spirited Waves Army. Each role comes with its own unique responsibilities, benefits and opportunities.

Waves Army: The Social Champions

The Waves Army drives our movement by spreading Waves information. Their main tasks include retweeting, commenting, subscribing to news, and completing DAO tasks. At the heart of our community, Waves Army members play an active role and contribute to the vibrancy and momentum of our collective.

Community Managers: Local Leaders 

Community Managers hold a key position within local communities. By staking a certain amount of $PWR tokens, they become members of the DAO, allowing them to oversee and coordinate the Waves Army in their regions. These managers receive an additional 10% reward from the earnings of the members in their communities, giving them an incentive to recruit more members and closely monitor their performance.

KOLs: Influencers Shaping the Narrative

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), often referred to as influencers, exert power over DAO decisions. Their $PWR rewards are determined by DAO governance. KOLs have the unique privilege of building their own following or "downline" within the Ambassador DAO, further expanding the community's reach. Submit your application using the form and we will contact you to discuss special terms.

Active Participation, Shared Governance

All members, regardless of role, are required to stake $PWR tokens within the DAO to actively participate and fill out this form. Monthly interest rewards of 10% will be granted based on the amount staked. However, failure to complete assigned tasks may result in forfeiture of these rewards.

Newcomers have the opportunity to join through airdrops of staked $PWR, but adherence to the DAO's terms is critical, as non-compliance may result in reductions or "slashes" of allocated tokens.

Crucially, all members, regardless of their role, can actively participate in the DAO's governance. The influence they wield in decision making is directly proportional to the amount of $PWR tokens staked within the DAO.


At its core, the Waves Ambassador DAO is a thriving ecosystem where each role uniquely contributes to the community's growth. Whether you're a social champion, a local manager, or an influencer, there's a place for everyone in the decentralized realm of the Waves Ambassador DAO. Join our community and decentralize everything!

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